IC Security is one of the leading tactical and security product suppliers in South Africa and was founded in 2009 with the aim of supplying a range of quality products to meet the needs of security companies, businesses and individuals seeking to protect themselves.

With South Africa's crime rate being what it is, having security measures in place has become a vital part of life. Security companies, businesses and individuals need to be armed with equipment that will outmatch that of criminals, who are becoming increasingly more brutal and violent. This is where IC Security comes in.

We strive to always manufacture and supply high quality products that do what they are meant to do, protect our customers from possible threats. We are a customer-oriented business, meaning our main priority is the safety of our customers. Our aim is to offer the best possible products at affordable prices, so our customers do not have to pay an arm and a leg to protect themselves and their possessions.

Our product offering includes bulletproof vests, tactical and riot gear, safes, security and detection equipment and uniforms. Apart from quality products, we strive to provide the best service and remain affordable.

bulletproof vests

Our bulletproof vests are extremely durable, ensuring the protection of the wearer. They are made using quality material.

riot and tactical equipment

We supply a range of tactical and riot gear, ensuring you'll be ready for anything and able to control the situation.


Uniforms ensure that your staff looks professional. We supply uniforms made for different purposes, available in a range of colours.

Health and safety equipment

We supply a range of miscellaneous security and detection equipment from alcohol testers to walkthrough metal detectors.


We provide a range of fit-for-purpose safes including, gun safes, rifle safes, office safes and category safes.

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